Genetics Clinic Staff Group Photo


At the Genetics Clinic at Santa Clara Valley Specialty Center, we see individuals with a personal and/or family history of a genetic condition(s). Patients may be referred to our clinic by their primary care physician, or by a specialist.

Our genetics team offers comprehensive clinical services for the diagnosis and management of genetic disorders. Our medical geneticists and genetic counselors participate in pediatric and general adult genetics. They are experts in the diagnosis, management, and counseling issues related to preconception, prenatal, pediatric, and adult-onset disease. Our clinic specializes in providing genetic counseling, assessing risks and implications for you and your family members, determining testing options, coordinating genetic testing, identifying supportive resources, and diagnosing genetic conditions.

We offer patients access to the latest information and developments in genetic medicine. From testing and diagnosis, to leading-edge therapies, our expert doctors and genetic counselors can help you manage a hereditary condition and optimize your health.