Quality Improvement

Our NICU has been in existence for over 45 years and we have a series of important contributions to newborn medicine for over 30 years. We are currently studying practice variation to improve processes and outcomes for our babies and families. Our quality improvement projects identify and support ongoing efforts to optimize care. Several Clinical Studies are also underway to improve our innovative practice. ​

see our publications (1985-2016)

Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome associated with Hirschsprung disease, 46,XY female karyotype, and total anomalous pulmonary venous drainage.

Successful extubation of newborn infants without preextubation trial of continuous positive airway pressure.

Effect of vascular puncture on blood gases in the newborn.

Trisomy 22 with congenital diaphragmatic hernia and absence of corpus callosum in a liveborn premature infant

Adhesion of Percutaneously Inserted Silastic Central Venous Lines to the Vein Wall Associated With Malassezia furfur Infection

Experience with double-lumen umbilical venous catheters in the low-birth-weight neonate

Increased indomethacin dosing for persistent patent ductus arteriosus in preterm infants: a multicenter, randomized, controlled trial

Retrospective analysis of risks associated with an umbilical artery catheter system for continuous monitoring of arterial oxygen tension

Once-daily Gentamicin Dosing in Newborn Infants

Microdeletion of Chromosome 15q24.3-25.2 and Orofacial Clefting

Hospital-wide breastfeeding rates vs. breastmilk provision for very low birth weight infants

Sidestream microstream end tidal carbon dioxide measurements and blood gas correlations in neonatal intensive care unit.

Effect of Catheter Dwell Time on Risk of Central Line–Associated Bloodstream Infection in Infants

Inhaled Nitric Oxide Use in Preterm Infants in California Neonatal Intensive Care Units