Recent Publications


Govindaswami, B., Jegatheesan, P., Nudelman, M., and Narasimhan, S. R. Prevention of Prematurity Advances and Opportunities. 

Presentation: Pediatric Academic Societies Conference, May 5-8, 2018, Tornto, Canada, Addressing the Quadruple Aim: Improving NICU Nurse Satisfaction and Team Effectiveness

Presentation: Pediatric Academic Societies Conference, May 5-8, 2018, Toronto, Canada,  Factors Contributing to Breast Milk Feeding Cessation Post-NICU Discharge

Peltz, G.,  Jegatheesan, P., Govindaswami, B., Narasimhan, S. R., and Son, D. Prevention of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome: RCT Ondansetron. R01 HD070795-01A1 PI

Song, D., Jegatheesan, P., Nafday, S., Ahmad, K. A., Nedrelow, J., Wearden, M., Nemerofsky, S., Pooley, S., Thompson, D., Vail, D., Cornejo, T., Cohen, Z., and Govindaswami, B. Patterned frequency-modulated oral stimulation in preterm infants: A multicenter randomized controlled trial.

Sheckter, C. C., Rochlin, D. H., Moshrefi, S., Schenone, M., Vargas, V., Sproul, J., and Karanas, Y. L. Volume- vs. rate-based tube feeding in burn patients: A case-control study 

Demerath, E. W., Johnson, W., Davern, B. A., Anderson, C. G., Shenberger, J. S., Misra, S., and Ramel, S. E. New body composition reference charts for preterm infants


Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine 22nd Annual International Meeting, November 9-12, 2017, Atlanta, GA, The BRIDGE Program: 7 years of Innovative Home Follow-up of High-Risk Infants

Barlow, S. M., Maron, J. L., Alterovitz, G., Song, D., Wilson, B. J., Jegatheesan, P., Govindaswami, B., Lee, J., and Rosner, A. O. Somatosensory Modulation of Salivary Gene Expression and Oral Feeding in Preterm Infants: Randomized Controlled Trial. 

Ramel, S. E., Zhang, L., Misra, S., Anderson, C. G., and Demerath, E. W. Do anthropometric measures accurately reflect body composition in preterm infants? 

Van Naarden Braun, K., Grazel, R., Koppel, R., Lakshminrusimha, S., Lohr, J., Kumar, P., Govindaswami, B., Giuliano, M., Cohen, M., Spillane, N., Jegatheesan, P., McClure, D., Hassinger, D., Fofah, O., Chandra, S., Allen, D., Axelrod, R., Blau, J., Hudome, S., Assing E., and Garg, L. F. Evaluation of critical congenital heart defects screening using pulse oximetry in the neonatal intensive care unit 

Govindaswami, B. Inhaled Nitric Oxide Use in Preterm Infants in California Neonatal Intensive Care Units.

Patel, R., Nudelman, M., Olarewaju, A., Pooley, S. W., Jegatheesan, P., Song, D., and  Govindaswami, B. Homecare and Healthcare Utilization Errors Post-Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Discharge 

Peltz, G., and Govindaswami, B. Prevention of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome: RCT Ondansetron. R01 HD070795-01A1 PI


Govindaswami, B., Nudelman M., Jegatheesan, P., and Song D. Maternal Magnesium for threatened Preterm Birth provides Infant Neuroprotection: decreased risk of Cerebral Palsy in the Very Low Birthweight Infant

Barlow, S., Maron, J., Song, D., Jegatheesan, P., and Govindaswami, B. Salivary Gene Expression and Feeding. R-01 PIs

Jegatheesan P, Nudelman M, Goel K, Song D, Govindaswami B. Perfusion index in healthy newborns during critical congenital heart disease screening at 24 hours: 
retrospective observational study from the USA.

Jochen, P., and Govindaswami, B. Racial and Ethnic Disparities in US NICUs. R-01