Disorders of Consciousness Brain Injury Rehabilitation – Journey to Recovery Program

SCVMC’s Disorders of Consciousness (DoC) Program is called Journey to Recovery. This acute inpatient rehabilitation program is designed to help individuals, age 14 and older, with severe brain injuries who have limited communication and significant cognitive and physical impairments.  Our multidisciplinary team designs custom rehab programs to maximize the fullest potential for recovery.  

What is a Disorder of Consciousness (DoC)?

A disorder of consciousness is a grouping of cognitive problems that may occur as a result of a severe brain injury. From coma to vegetative (unresponsive wakefulness syndrome) to minimally conscious state, individuals diagnosed with a DoC are typically assessed using the Coma Recovery Scale- Revised (CRS-R).

About Journey to Recovery

Journey to Recovery (JTR) is a specialized multidisciplinary program led by Brain Injury Medicine board-certified physiatrists who work with our highly trained therapists and nurses. 

One of the unique aspects of our JTR program is creating a safe and caring environment that minimizes the use of tubes and sedating medications.  Each patient is carefully evaluated to determine what highly individualized treatments, including the most effective medications and therapies, will help on the path to recovery.  

Some of our many treatment goals are to: improve function, promote arousal and recovery, manage spasticity, minimize respiratory and tracheostomy needs, normalize the sleep-wake cycle, establish a consistent method of communication, optimize nutrition, provide bowel and bladder training, and to reduce the risk of medical complications.  

Our rehabilitation team provides the education, caregiver training and discharge planning needed to facilitate a successful transition to home. 


Although individuals who are appropriate for this program may not be ready to begin a traditional rehabilitation program at first, some make significant improvements and are able to transition toward increased function. The program for those individuals who progress more slowly focuses on caregiver training and reducing the burden of care on family or institutional caregivers. 

To learn more about admission criteria and services available, see the Scope of Care document below.

Contact Information

to make a referral to the Journey to Recovery program:

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