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The Sobrato Pavilion – the newest wing of the hospital – expands our nationally-recognized, state-of-the-art inpatient Rehabilitation Center for brain injury, spinal cord injury, and stroke patients. This six-floor facility features an adult intensive care unit, progressive care unit, therapy services, 64 private rehabilitation rooms, therapy gym and pools, and an impressive indoor garden atrium to provide serenity and peace for visitors. Each patient room is outfitted with the latest technology, including an overhead patient lift system that allows safe and efficient transfer of patients from their bed to their bedside, and adjacent restroom.


Learn more about our program, our expertise, advanced technology, and team approach to working with our patients to develop a treatment plan to get them back home and living their lives.


The Rehabilitation Center has immediate access to the full resources of a major medical center, including Level I Trauma. SCVMC is the only Level I trauma center with a full service rehabilitation center in the Bay Area. It also offers the Respiratory Rehabilitation Unit, an ICU-type setting where patients can receive early and aggressive rehabilitation-oriented care. 

The Rehabilitation Center is staffed by full time, board-certified physicians and physiatrists with experience and specialized training in brain injury, spinal cord injury, and stroke. Plus, personal, one-on-one time daily with physical, occupational, and speech therapists to strengthen each patient and make progress toward recovery.​

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  • Aretech ZeroG Gait & Balance Training System – includes a track with a 400-pound load capacity and a wearable sensor system for assessing gait, balance and postural control. The system allows for intensive therapy to start earlier and reduces risk of falling.
  • Ekso Bionics GT ExoSkeleton – a wearable robotic exoskeleton designed to assist patients with mobility, from first steps to advanced walking.  
  • Therapy Pool with HydroWorx Training System – a computerized underwater treadmill that allows clinicians to evaluate, treat, and monitor improvements in patient biomechanics based on therapy and information viewed via underwater camera system.
  • Dynavision – an interactive device used to improve visual, cognitive, and physical performance for patients recovering from a stroke or traumatic brain injury.
  • NeuroCom System – leading-edge computerized tool used to assess and treat patients with challenges associated with balance and mobility through gaze stabilization and visual feedback.
  • Adaptive Tech – Upper and lower body exercise machines equipped with functional electrical stimulation (FES) help to move a patient’s arms and legs, aiding with muscle strength and reducing spasticity. A person may train from a chair or wheelchair.
  • Outdoor Terrain Park – allows patients to safely re-learn everyday skills such as walking on curbs, stairs and slippery surfaces, or navigating a wheelchair on various surfaces, such as gravel or sand.


Click through the slideshow to view our beautiful new, state-of-the-art rehabilitation facility, the Sobrato Pavilion, which features 64 private rehabilitation patient rooms and the latest technology for treating patients suffering from brain injury, spinal cord injury, and stroke.

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Patients are referred to SCVMC from across the West Coast because the program has a full complement of specialized services – neurology, neurosurgery, occupational and speech therapy, orthopedics, pulmonology, reconstructive surgery, respiratory therapy, trauma, and more – needed to treat the most complex, challenging cases successfully.


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Brain Injury

Brain injury, whether traumatic or acquired, can take many forms and affect human function in many ways, including memory, physical abilities, cognitive (thinking) abilities, behavior, decision making and more. 

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Following a spinal cord injury, the ability to return home and to the community with the highest degree of lifelong independence possible -with a minimized risk for secondary complications - is closely related to initial inpatient rehabilitation.

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Stroke is a complex and serious medical condition that can impair speech, motion, the thinking process, memory and the ability to carry out a wide range of functions that were once taken for granted as part of everyday life. 

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General Rehabilitation

The SCVMC General Rehabilitation Program provides a broad range of therapeutic services to meet the individualized strengths, cultural needs, age requirements, abilities and preferences for each person served.

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  • Ground Floor: Admitting, Customer Relations, our Meditation Room, Garden Atrium, Volunteer Services, Health Resource Center and Rehabilitation Therapy Services for spinal cord and brain injured patients (Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Recreation Therapy, and Speech Therapy)
  • 2nd Floor: 32 Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds
  • 3rd Floor: 32 Rehabilitation Center beds dedicated to patients with spinal cord injuries
  • 4th Floor: 32 Rehabilitation Center beds dedicated to patients with brain injuries or strokes
  • 5th Floor: 36 Acute Care beds – Progressive Care Unit (PCU)
  • 6th Floor: 36 Acute Care beds – Medical and Oncology Unit
  • Basement: Includes biomedical engineering, pharmacy and other support services

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  • The Sobrato Pavilion has 168 private spacious patient rooms with the latest technology, including a patient lift system that allows safe and efficient transfer of patients from their bed to their bedside, and adjacent restroom
  • There are three green roof areas to reduce surface water runoff and improve views from patient rooms
  • SCVMC is in the process of obtaining Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) gold certification. SCVMC would be the first public hospital in the nation to obtain this national standard.
  • Exterior wall system has been enhanced to minimize heat loss and gain, and improve patient and staff comfort; and low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) building materials have been used to reduce indoor air pollution, and water efficient plumbing fixtures
  • One in four county residents receives care at SCVMC
  • The number of patients seeking care at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center has increased 45% since 2000
  • The new Rehabilitation Center with therapy services includes an Aquatic Therapy Pool with a gait pool to monitor a patient’s progress, and a therapy gym with a ZeroG patient lift system that provides support for patients during therapy sessions
  • The Rehabilitation Center provides specialty rehabilitation services for neurological, head injured, and spinal cord injured patients, and is the recipient of numerous federal and private research grants


  • Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, in partnership with the Valley Medical Cente​​r Foundation, partnered with the Andrea Schwartz Gallery (ASG) to curate the art program for the Sobrato Pavilion.
  • Together, over 45 art pieces were selected to promote a positive patient experience that will offer comfort, support well-being, develop curiosity, and respect diversity.
  • American sculptor and public artist Ralph Helmick created the breathtaking Lotus Flowers suspended in the atrium.
  • Works by Talley Fisher and Klari Reis, among many other national and international artists, are displayed prominently.
  • The art within this healing environment has been selected to relieve anxiety, lift the human spirit, and instill a sense of optimism.  All artwork was paid for by donations from the community to the Valley Medical Center Foundation.

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  • 6 stories high and 370,000 square feet
  • 2,000 Cubic Yards of Concrete – enough to fill 3.67 Olympic swimming pools
  • 121,090 Linear Feet of Plumbing Pipe – equals the lengths of 11 San Jose Airport runways
  • 1,090,000 Linear Feet of Electrical Conduit – the length of California 103 times
  • 4,000 Tons of Structural Steel – weighing as much as 1.77 Space Shuttles at lift off
  • 9,000 Light Fixtures – about what it takes to light up San Jose’s Shark Tank!