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Coordinating services through Whole Person Care

Through a designated Care Coordinator, Whole Person Care helps patients get services they need to improve overall wellness. Services may include:

  • Substance abuse services, behavioral health services, transportation support, food, and nutrition services - including CalFresh, and temporary and/or subsidized housing;
  • Wellness and health promotion activities to support disease prevention and chronic care management;
  • Access to skilled nursing facilities for patients with complex medical and/or psychiatric needs;
  • Medical respite care services for patients without appropriate home care;
  • Blackbird House peer respite for those experiencing a mental health crisis; and,
  • Mission Street Sobering Center services as an alternative to custody or emergency services for inebriated participants.

Patient Eligibility

Patients must have active Medi-Cal or be eligible for Medi-Cal to enroll in Whole Person Care. There are a few Medi-Cal programs that are excluded from WPC eligibility. Patients with restricted Medi-Cal are excluded from WPC.

In HealthLink, eligible patients are identified in the header of their medical record.

Eligible patients include those who are:

  • Medi-Cal recipients (or Medi-Cal eligible) who are 18 years or older, and
  • High Utilizers of Multiple System (HUMS) score of 7 or above (scores for emergency services and inpatient hospital days).

What are the next steps?

To refer a patient or to enroll in Whole Person Care, please contact:

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

Tania Villalpando


Valley Health Center Tully

Julie Villagran


Valley Health Center Gilroy

Ada Grace

408-852-2201 ​

Valley Health Center Moorpark

John Rex Rubina


Lynette Salavante


Valley Homeless Health Program (VHHP)

Diane Sandoval


Valley Health Center Milpitas

Lorie Atud

408-957-8681 ​

Valley Health Center Downtown

Vidal Nzoyem