Medical Legal Partnership Receives National Recognition and Prestigious Award

Tweet Share Santa Clara County, CA – SCVMC's Silicon Valley Medical-Legal Partnership Clinic recently received the 2017 Outstanding Medical Legal Partnership (MLP) Program Award at the National MLP Summit in Washington, D.C. 
The Silicon Valley MLP Clinic is an example of a successful innovation to place lawyers on site at SCVMC pediatric health clinics. This integrated approach helps to combat social determinants of health. SCVMC's pediatric MLP Clinic is a collaboration between Santa Clara Valley Medical Center and Legal Advocates for Children and Youth (LACY), a program of the Law Foundation of Silicon Valley.
Since it started in 2009, the clinic has received over 1,414 referrals from SCVMC pediatricians, nurses, and other clinical staff. Providers widely agree that the program is a valuable addition to SCVMC's patient services and an important tool for improving health outcomes for higher risk patients. Dr. Lee Anna Botkin, the medical director of the MLP Clinic, describes the MLP as "a win-win” program.
“We provide needed services to patients in a familiar and trusted setting,” commented Dr. Botkin. “We also educate medical professionals to identify unmet legal needs that impact health, and we give medical professionals a new framework for how to address the underlying factors that contribute to illness, stress, and crisis".
The service is open at Valley Health Centers Bascom, Downtown San Jose, and Gilroy. These clinics help with legal questions about guardianship, housing rights, public benefits for children and youth, special education, and other legal issues. 
All services are free and completely confidential. All legal services are provided by LACY, not Santa Clara Valley Medical Center.