Hospital Communications (PBX) Operations

Hospital Communication Operators is an integral part of the Hospital. It is a 24-Hours, 365 Days a year, including holidays operations.  They are the “front door” into the Hospital. The Hospital Operator answers both internal and external calls for the hospital providing detailed information from everything ranging from staff listings, to patient information after hours and more.  Hospital Operators have the ability to act independently in the absence of a supervisor or manager as well as be proactive in accomplishing tasks that relate to patient safety and staff safety.  

In addition, several emergency procedures initiated throughout the hospital are executed within the Hospital Communication Operations. The nature of these procedures is comparable to those of a 911 operator in many respect (i.e., All Medical Emergency Alerts like; Stroke Alert, Stemi Activation, Code Blue, etc., Acute Medical Emergency, Facilities Mobilization, Bomb Threats, and Operation Triage etc.). Each of these procedures is directly linked to the welfare and safety of both patients and staff.