Patient and Family Advisory Program (PFAP)

Team Meetings

Meetings, Agenda, and Minutes

group of members in the team meeting

Each team will have an agreed meeting schedules and location. Members attend regular meetings that generally meet for about two hours every month. 

The Program Lead or Team Champion, who is appointed by the clinic or department manager or is self-identified, mainly facilitates the meeting. The Program Lead serves as an ad hoc member during each meeting. In the event of the lead’s absence, the Team Champion will facilitate the meeting with advance notification. 

The program coordinator will work with the team leader in developing the agenda for each meeting. Minutes are taken by a designated person. In the event that there are multiple meetings at the same time, the facilitator will designate a team member to take the minutes. 

Agenda and meeting minutes are sent out to the members in their preferred method of communication ahead of time. 

The entire team establishes and follows agreed upon ground rules for the conduct of meetings and discussions. 

Remember that the program also consists of informal teams that are not required to follow a formal procedure such as the Robert’s rule for conducting meetings. 

Team Meeting Schedule

Meeting dates and time might change due to circumstances please email [email protected] or call the PFAP line at (408) 885-6758 or Customer Relations line at (408) 885-4826 for inquiries.