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Our History

[1876] Co​unty Hospital built at present site through the efforts of Dr. Benjamin Cory, San Jose's first medical practitioner.

1​900's - 1910's

[1905] First training program established - a school of nursing with 3 students.

[1908] Dr. Doxey Wilson joins as the first intern at SCVMC.

[1913] Dr. Wilson joins as the first full time Director of Medical Institution, SCVMC

[1914] Miss Merkle, RN, joins as Superintendent of Nurses, SCVMC

1930's - 1950's

[1939] The Pediatric Unit opens.

[1940] The Maternity Unit opens.

[1952] Dr. Milton Chatton joins as Director of Medical Institution. SCVMC becomes one of the first hospitals in the nation to be accredited by the Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Hospitals.

[1953] SCVMC’s Pediatrics Department established.

[1959] First university affiliated residency program established with Stanford University

1960's - 19​70's

[1962] Dr. Norman Nelson joins as Director of Medical Institution. Surgery Department becomes integrated with Stanford University. New Outpatient Department is completed.

[1963] The Institute for Medical Research is formed.

[1968 Original hospital is demolished.

[1970] Four story Rehabilitation Center is opens. The Department of Medicine's affiliation with Stanford University begins. The first Medicine internships begin.

[1974] Dr. Yvonne Russell joins as Director of Medical Institution. Joint recruiting with Stanford University begins.

[1976] SCVMC celebrates its Centennial. The Department of Medicine establishes its Primary Care Division. Internal Medicine fellowships begin with Stanford University.

[1979] Robert Sillen becomes Executive Director of SCVMC.

1990's - future

[1985 Valley Health Center Bascom opens.

[1990] The West Wing opens with new Intensive Care Unit, Transitional Care Unit, Maternity, Primary Care Residency Program in the Department of Medicine begins.

[1993] Robert Sillen becomes Executive Director of the Santa Clara Valley Health & Hospital System (SCVHHS).

[1993] According to SCVHHS Deputy Director, Amy Carta, the "clover" logo was developed when SCVHHS was created as an agency in 1993. The 4 parts of the clover represent the 4 departments that were brought together: SCVMC (including ambulatory care and VHP and custody health), PH, Mental Health and Department of Drug and Alcohol Services(DADS). The logo was designed to show all were part of the whole. 

[1995 Valley Health Center Moorpark opens.

[1998 Valley Health Center East Valley opens.

[1999] The new Main Hospital Building at SCVMC opens. Susan Murphy joins as Director of SCVMC.

[2001] SCVMC becomes the primary care provider for thousands of children being enrolled in the Children's Health Initiative (CHI), a first in the nation effort that used tobacco settlement money to provide healthcare coverage to children who were previously without healthcare coverage.

[2004] Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors approves the construction of Valley Specialty Center, a new model for providing outpatient services more efficiently.

[2005 Valley Health Center Tully opens.

[2007] Michael Skehan joins as Executive Director of SCVMC.

2008 Valley Health Center Sunnyvale opens.

2008 Valley Health Center Gilroy opens.

[2009] Valley Specialty Center Opens (includes Sobrato Cancer Center & Diabetes Center)

2010 Valley Health Center Milpitas opens.

[2010] Linda M. Smith joins as CEO of SCVMC

[2012] Rene Santiago joins as Deputy County Executive and Director of SCVHHS .

[2012] Paul Lorenz joins as CEO of SCVMC.

[2014] Benita McLarin joins as Chief Operating Officer for SCVMC.

[2014] Women and Children’s Health Services initiative begins.

[2015] John Cookinham joins as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of SCVHHS

[2015] SCVMC joins the EMPower Initiative to enhance maternity care practices.

[2016] Valley Health Center Downtown San Jose Opens

[2016] Introduces the SCVMC Logistics Center

[2016] Kenneth Soda, MD,  joins as Medical Director of Primary Care.

[2017] SCVMC marketing campaign, entitled “Go Public” launched.

[2017] SCVMC adopts latest technology to improve infection prevention and control.

[2017] Jill Sproul, RN, MS, joins as Chief Nursing Officer (CNO).

[2017] Jelili Apalara, MD, joins as Medical Director of Specialty Care.​​​​

[2019] Santa Clara Valley Medical Center teams up with O'Connor Hospital, St. Louise Regional Hospital and their collective clinics to form Santa Clara Valley Healthcare to best serve the nearly 1.9 million residents of Santa Clara County.