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Admission Information

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our clinic.

Your health care team may include – doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, medical assistants, and registration clerks. We look forward to meeting you and helping you improve your health.


Plan to Arrive at Least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.  

Please make sure to arrive at the clinic at least 15 minutes prior your scheduled appointment time. This will give you time to register and complete any forms. If you arrive late, you may be asked to wait to see your healthcare provider. Depending on the clinic schedule, you could be asked to reschedule your appointment for another day. 

While at your appointment, ask questions about your health treatment. It is up to you to understand the reasons you are getting a medical test, starting a new medicine or seeing a specialist. You can also take notes on what the doctor is telling you. You will also get an After Visit Summary with all the information on it. Be sure that you understand what your health team has told you. If you do not understand, please ask!​ 

Canceling and Rescheduling an Appointment

Please be sure to call as soon as you know you are going to miss your appointment.  ​

  • If you need to cancel and/or reschedule an appointment with a primary care provider, call Valley Connection at (888) 334-1000 (toll free). 
  • If you need to cancel and/or reschedule  an appointment with a specialist, please call (800) 814-4351 (toll free).
  • If you are enrolled in MyHealth Online, you can make, cancel, view or request an appointment without picking up the phone.