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    Want to try out a new recipe?

    Thanks to our research study participants in the TeleNutrition Study who have volunteered to share some healthy recipes for all to enjoy.

    Also, We have some fun video recipes from NorCal SCI Executive Director Arash Bayatmakou alongside our SCVMC study dietitian, Shelley Wood sharing useful nutritional tips particularly, in relevance to SCI. Remember to check back for updated recipes. Click here to enjoy!

    NorCal SCI Nutrition Videos


      Want to feel supported and gain resources and insights from shared experiences of other community members with similar diagnoses? Click here for more information.

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      SCI Connections March 2024

        Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center (MSKTC)

        Want to access free information and resources for individuals with SCI or TBI that was created experts? Click here for meaningful information on a variety of related topics in the form of factsheets, videos, and/or info comics that comes from our TBI and SCI Model Systems Research Collaborations.


        Interested in learning or participating in a clinical trial? Click here to learn about clinical trials from across the world.

        SCI trial finder

        Interested in learning or participating in a clinical trial that specifically fits your spinal cord injury? Click here to learn if there are studies you may be eligible to participate in.

        The Center for Outcome Measurement in Brain Injury (COMBI)

        Interested in learning about brain injury clinical and research assessments? Click here to visit our database of brain injury assessments, which includes several certifications.