OB/GYN Residency



The Division of Gynecology at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center is committed to train resident physicians to achieve the skill and knowledge essential to the practice of general gynecology and ambulatory primary care. The Division is comprised of over 30 board-certified or eligible gynecologists who are dedicated to this mission.

The Division provides a wide range of specialized services to women of all ages: preventive care/health maintenance, family planning, adolescent gynecology, menopausal gynecology, noninvasive diagnostic services, minimally invasive surgery, office-based surgery, major gynecology surgery, and pelvic reconstructive surgery. Under the supervision of the chief resident and leadership of attending physicians, the gynecologic residents progress and achieve mastery in core gynecologic skill sets. Through regularly scheduled surgical training skill sessions, basic surgical principles and current surgical armamentarium are reinforced.

Clinical research is strongly promoted. There is a specific curriculum for GYN ultrasound which includes an US simulator as well as Sono hysterogram Clinics.  

Our department works closely with the Gender Health Center -  the first all ages clinic specialized in caring for transgender, gender-non-binary and gender expansive people in the South Bay, providing general OB/GYN care including pelvic exams, contraception, and gender-affirming surgeries.  Senior Residents have the opportunity to rotate in this clinic.

Obstetric Services

SCVMC is one of the most productive and sophisticated Obstetrics care systems in California. With over 3000 births a year, we are one of the largest OB Gyn residency program delivery services in the state. We invest in excellent care for our patients with a team of OB/GYN Generalists and Maternal Fetal Medicine attendings. Our L&D is staffed with three attendings each weekday and with two attendings on weeknights and weekends to provide residents with excellent training and supervision. We are committed to scholarly activity and actively participate in clinical trials.

Our residents gain skills managing both high-risk and routine obstetrics. R2’s perform cesarean sections while mid-level and upper level residents perform operative vaginal deliveries, vaginal birth of twins, delivery of premature infants and complex obstetric cases which include management of placenta accreta spectrum under attending supervision. 

The resident team consists of our OB/GYN Residents as well as Family Practice Trained OB Fellows, rotating Family Practice residents from excellent programs (Stanford affiliate O’Connor Hospital, and Travis AFP), rotating Transitional Interns, and Stanford medical students. The educational curriculum includes daily attending teaching rounds, structured lectures and practice-based learning.

Maternal Fetal Medicine

Our Maternal Fetal Medicine team consists of four full time MFM physicians, six specially trained Nurse practitioners, and five OB/MFM sonographers providing services at multiple locations throughout the region. We are a large provider of Diabetes in Pregnancy care (over 6,000 annual visits) and OB/MFM Ultrasounds (10,000 annual scans). Our prenatal diagnosis center is a State of California AFP Program referral center featuring state of the art ultrasound machines. Care for Pediatric surgery cases is coordinated prior to birth and performed on site.

An MFM serves as the “Perinatologist of the Week” to supervise morning inpatient teaching and patient care rounds and is available 24/7 to assist with complicated cases. All of our OB/GYN residents obtain training in ambulatory High-Risk Obstetrics clinics supervised by the Maternal-Fetal Medicine attendings. Our residents have formal curriculums for both Diabetes in Pregnancy and Ultrasound.

Gynecologic Oncology

The Gynecologic Oncology division at SCVMC provides comprehensive, multidisciplinary care for women with gynecologic malignancies. Patients presenting with a wide variety of cancers including ovarian epithelial, stromal and germ cell tumors; endometrial cancer; uterine sarcomas; cervical cancer; vaginal and vulvar cancers; gestational trophoblastic disease; and lower genital tract disease are evaluated, treated and followed by the service. Residents work and operate directly with Gynecologic Oncologists in the care of these patients. 

Residents have the opportunity to operate directly with the Gynecologic Oncologists or the Stanford Gynecologic Oncology Fellow in all cancer cases including ovarian debulking, lymph node dissection, staging, bowel resections, ureteral and bladder reconstruction, and fertility sparing radical trachelectomy.  Minimally invasive laparoscopic or robotic assisted surgical procedures are performed whenever feasible and appropriate. They are directly involved in post-operative care, intensive care unit management, and management of medical complications of treatment. Through participation in outpatient clinics they learn to evaluate, work up, and follow patients with gynecologic malignancies. Furthermore, as part of the comprehensive care provided by the service they are also exposed to chemotherapy, cancer genetics, palliative care and cancer pain management. The Gynecologic Oncology outpatient care is provided in the Sobrato Cancer Center, which is part of our multidisciplinary Valley Specialty Center. 

With our ongoing affiliation with Stanford University, opportunities also exist for research in gynecologic oncology. 

Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility (REI)

The six Reproductive Endocrine & Infertility Specialists all practice high-tech, reproductive technologies in two separate private group practices in our region. The quality and standard of care is the very highest. The dedication to teaching our residents both in the private offices and in our REI clinic at Valley Health Center is constant and greatly appreciated.

One month of the R3 rotation is spent in the private offices assisting with assisted reproductive technology procedures. Additional REI clinic at Valley Health Center provides exposure to Infertility workup and other Repro Endo patients.


    The SCVMC Advanced Laparoscopy and Robotic Surgery Program focuses on preparing our graduates for a successful career in minimally invasive surgery. There is a core curriculum which includes dedicated rotation time for videos and online didactics, simulation training on two new FLS testing-site trainers with 1:1 training with our MIGs Fellowship-trained surgeon, and simulation training on our DaVinci robot console dedicated for si​mulation training. In 2019, the first required year for the FLS exam, we had a 100% first-time pass rate for our residents.

    During the MIS rotation, Residents will work directly with the FPRMS Fellowship Trained surgeons in all aspects of Urogynecology.   In the MIS and Gynecology rotations , Residents will also directly participate in the  preoperative planning, surgery and postoperative follow-up for advanced laparoscopy cases ( pelvic endometriosis, extragenital endometriosis, large fibroid uteri for hysterectomy, myomectomies, infertility, advanced adhesive disease, surgery during pregnancy, and large adnexal pathology among others indications)  Both traditional laparoscopy and the Davinci robot are utilized to enhance the resident's operative experience.  
    The Urogynecology portion of the MIS rotation encompasses a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures as well as consultation services for women with urinary and/or fecal incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. The Residents work directly with a FPMRS Board Certified surgeon.

    The goals and objectives of the rotation are:
    • to acquire competency & proficiency in the evaluation, treatment choices, and consultation in women with pelvic floor disorders with focus on vaginal and minimal invasive techniques.
    • to engage in literature and evidence-based practice related to natural history of disease, levels of evidence regarding treatment options, increased knowledge related to procedures and treatment options.

​​​​Residents evaluate new and return patients in the Urogyn clinic and perform intake histories and formulation of a treatment plan.  The Resident will also perform in-office biofeedback and urodynamic testing with interpretation of results.   The Resident will be the primary surgeon to assist on all major surgical cases and perform post-operative management. 


At Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, our Family Planning service reflects the diversity of our patients needs and the experience of our providers. Our Ryan Residency program in Family Planning offers residents the opportunity to learn the full range of contraceptive care and complex Family Planning procedures. As a primary site for the Stanford Fellowship in Family Planning there are opportunities to be involved with research projects and learn the most up to date evidence-based practices with frequent journal clubs and the management of the most Family Planning complex cases. We are a regional referral site for many procedures, difficult contraceptive implant removal and management of c/section scar ectopic pregnancies. We offer our patients outpatient medical and aspiration management of first trimester loss as well as surgical and medical management of second and third trimester fetal demise. The Ryan program and Stanford Family Planning fellowship have become a vital part of our teaching program and the clinical care for our diverse patient population.​


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