Anesthesiologist administering anesthesia to a patient


The Department of Anesthesiology at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center provides comprehensive anesthesia services for all aspects of surgery except transplant, as well as acute pain management, and care for critically ill patients in the Surgical and Trauma Intensive Care Units. We currently have 24 physicians and 5 certified nurse anesthetists who work together as part of a team to make the experience as good as possible for all operative patients. 

In addition, the Department provides epidural analgesia for labor pain any time of the day or night, with two anesthesiologists immediately available in-house throughout the night and on weekends.

Furthermore, there are pediatric trained anesthesiologists on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, who will care for those patients 2 years old and under in the operating room, as well as for older children upon request.   ​​​​