1. Am I able to book appointments at the Gender Health Center during the COVID pandemic?
    Yes, the Gender Health Center is booking appointments at this time. Please note that all newly made appointments will be booked as phone visits for the safety of patients, staff, and all others using the clinic’s building. The need for an in-person visit will be decided and arranged on a case-by-case basis. If there is any question about appointments or otherwise, please call our GHC call center at 408-977-4550 for the most up to date information and/or to request a call back. 
  2. I’ve run out of my medication, will I be able to refill the prescription?
    Yes! Pharmacies are still open and providers are still able to send in prescriptions. If you have a reliable mailing address, we are encouraging all patients to utilize mail order pharmacy options for home delivery. Many of the Santa Valley Medical Center pharmacies, including the Downtown Clinic pharmacy (where the Gender Health Center is located), are offering this option.
  3. I usually get my hormone shots at the clinic. Am I still able to do this?
    Yes. We are still providing injections. We are strongly encouraging self-injection for those who are able.
  4. Are counseling and psychiatry appointments still happening at the GHC?
    Yes. These appointments are currently taking place by phone.
  5. If I was set to have a gender affirming medical procedure or consultation, will it go ahead as planned?
    Most procedures that are not immediately life-threatening have been delayed for the time being; this includes gender affirming procedures. Different surgeons have given different timeframes for how far out they are cancelling scheduled procedures and when they will consider starting them again. Timing for these procedures will likely depend on how the COVID-19 crisis unfolds over the coming weeks. If you have a scheduled procedure, please contact your surgeon’s office directly for the most accurate information about timing and next steps. If your procedure is postponed, please be assured the GHC team will continue to support you to keep the process moving forward!