Our Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) team consists of four MFM physicians, five specially trained Nurse practitioners, and six sonographers providing services at four locations throughout the region.  We are a large provider of Diabetes in Pregnancy care (over 8,000 annual visits) and OB/MFM Ultrasounds (12,000 annual scans). Our prenatal diagnosis center is a State of California AFP Program referral center featuring state of the art ultrasound machines.  Care for Pediatric surgery cases is coordinated prior to birth and performed on site.

An MFM serves as the "Perinatologist of the Week" to supervise morning inpatient teaching and patient care rounds and is available 24/7 to assist with complicated cases. All of our OB/GYN ​residents obtain training in ambulatory High Risk Obstetrics clinics supervised by the Maternal-Fetal Medicine attendings. Our residents have formal curriculums for both Diabetes in Pregnancy and Ultrasound.

The Maternal Fetal Medicine group provides exceptional care when a woman most needs it:  during a high risk pregnancy.  With a talented combination of MDs, NPs, RNs, a Registered Dietician, and a Social Worker, we are able to help women learn how to manage their pregnancy through diet, exercise, and education.  We are also able to address outlying psychosocial issues with a dedicated social worker.  Managing a high risk pregnancy can be difficult, but our talented, multidisciplinary team can help ensure that they have the best possible pregnancy outcome.​