Radiology Residency


Radiology at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center provides excellent prospects for research, both in clinical research as well as in quality and workflow improvement projects. Radiology residents have opportunities to start and join projects both within the Radiology department as well as joint projects with clinicians. A robust web portal available to our residents allows quick access to available projects from faculty. Our residents frequently attend and present at conferences.


Sample Publications By Our Residents


Clayton JD, Elicker BM, Ordovas KG, Kohi MP, Nguyen J, Naeger DM. Nonclotted Blood Patch Technique Reduces Pneumothorax and Chest Tube Rates after Percutaneous Lung Biopsies. J Thorac Imaging. 2016 Jul; 31(4): 243-6.

Kallianos KG, Elicker BM, Henry TS, Ordovas KG, Nguyen J, Naeger DM. Instituting a Low-dose CT-guided Lung Biopsy Protocol. Acad Radiol. 2016 Jun 14; S1076-6332(16): 30092-7.

Haas BM, Elicker BM, Nguyen J, Ordovas KG, Jones KD, Henry T, Naeger DM. Nondiagnostic Computed Tomography-guided Percutaneous Lung Biopsies Are More Likely When Infection Is Suspected. J Thorac Imaging. 2016 May; 31(3): 151-5.

Siripongsakun S, Wei SH, Lin S, CHen J, Raman SS, Sayre J, Tong MJ, Lu DS. Evaluation of alpha-fetoprotein in detecting hepatocellular carcinoma recurrence after radiofrequency ablation. J Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2014; 29(1): 157-64.

Naeger DM, Conrad M, Nguyen J, Kohi MP, Webb EM. Students teaching students: evaluation of a "near-peer" teaching experience. Academic Radiology. 2013 Sep; 20(9): 1177-82


Sample Presentations By Our Residents


Chao R, Honowitz S, et al. Utility of 3D-Printed Models in Surgical Planning for Repair of Complex Orthopedic Fractures. Abstract presented at: ASER 2015; Sep 16-19, 2015; Miami, Florida.

Guo Y, Ha BY, Patel M, Pandit R. Imaging Spectrum of Congenital and Structural Abnormalities of the Brain. Accepted for presentation at: RSNA 2016; Nov 17-Dec 2, 2016; Chicago, Illinois.

Guo Y, Phan P. Pulmonary Foreign Body Granulomatosis: A Review of Clinical and Imaging Features and its Differential Diagnosis. Accepted for presentation at: RSNA 2016; Nov 17-Dec 2, 2016; Chicago, Illinois.

Lin S, Starr V. Overview of the Spectrum of Spinal Dysraphisms. Accepted for presentation at: RSNA 102nd Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting; 2016; Chicago, Illinois.

Lin S, Dorr J, Pandit R. Diabetic Striatopathy: CT and MR Imgaging Appearance of a Rare Movement Disorder Associated with Uncontrolled Diabetes Mellitus. Presented at: ASNR 54th Annual Meeting; 2016; Washington, DC.

Lin S, Dorr J, Pandit R, Patel M. Lateral Meningocele Syndrome: Imaging Findings of a Rare Disorder. Presented at: ASNR 54th Annual Meeting; 2016; Washington, DC.

Ma M, Lin S, Pandit R. Rare case of bilateral hypoglossal nerve enhancement in Guillain Barre Syndrome. Presented at: ASNR 54th Annual Meeting; 2016; Washington, DC.

Tan N, Raman S, Siripongsakun S, Lin S. Gadoxetic Acid-Enhanced MR to Differentiate Dysplastic Nodules and Grade of Hepatocelluar Carcinoma: Correlation with Histopathology. Presented at: Society of Abdominal Radiology; 2012; Scottsdale, Arizona.

Trinh J, Guo Y, Pandit R, Patel M. Comparison of Time-of-Flight versus Phase Contrast for Intracranial Venous Assessment. Abstract presented at: ARRS 2016; April 17-22, 2016; Los Angeles, California.