transitional internship

Hospital Support

There are many support services at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. Questions frequently asked by applicants have to do with other services that have a role in the care of medical patients.

Social Services 

Social services is an active department with a social worker on each ward and in the emergency room. Assistance is provided to patients with financial problems and for out of hospital nursing home and board and care placement. Assistance in finding rehabilitation programs for alcohol and other drug problems as well as continued home follow up with visiting nurses, home health aides and meals on wheels are provided by the Social Services department.

Translator Services 

Translator services are available 24 hours a day in more than 50 languages.

Physical / Occupational / Speech Therapy / Psychology / Therapeutic Recreation 

These departments provide active consultation services for inpatients and outpatients and work in conjunction with the physical medicine and rehabilitation department.

Cardiac Rehabilitation 

Cardiac Rehabilitation is an active service run by cardiology, and works with hospitalized patients and outpatients with cardiac disabilities.

Phlebotomy and IV Services 

Blood is drawn by a phlebotomy team every two hours from 6am to 9pm. The nurses place the majority of peripheral IVs.  We have a dedicated PICC (peripherally inserted central catheter) team that is in the hospital usually for 12 hours a day and there is an increase in the number of nurses available to place ultrasound-guided peripheral IVs as well.


A liaison psychiatry consultation service is available for all patients at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. Outpatient psychiatry services and emergency evaluations and admissions are available 24 hours a day next to the main hospital.


Routine studies such as x-rays, ultrasound and CT scans are easily obtained with an excellent computerized file system.  CT and MRI scans are available 24 hours a day as are ultrasound, angiography, and many interventional radiology procedures.​​​