For Professionals

Burn Center Referral Line

(408) 885-6666 or 1 (800) 606-BURN(2876)

Patients may be transported directly to the Regional Burn Center via ground transportation or helicopter. The Regional Burn Center provides a continuum of care throughout the burn process; from admission, intensive care, debridement and wound care, surgery and rehabilitation.  Patients are immediately evaluated for return of function and reconstruction of injured areas of the body. 

Team members formulate patient treatment plans to achieve the twin goals of return of function and reconstruction.  Immediate and ongoing proper care by team members reduces the risk of infection, optimizes rehabilitation and ultimately decreases patients’length of stay.  The team evaluates the type of work the patient does and formulates a rehabilitation plan that allows the patient to return to work as soon as possible. With children, a specialized pediatric treatment plan is implemented, featuring play therapy, specialized pediatric dietary plans and a full complement of pediatric subspecialties on site.  Pain management and psychological healing are a critical part of our patient’s treatment plans.