Whole Person Care (WPC) is a new way the County of Santa Clara Health System, including Santa Clara Valley Medical Center (Hospital and Clinics), cares for our highest-risk and most vulnerable patients. Whole Person Care coordinators helping patients lead healthier lives!

The Whole Person Care concept recognizes that the best way to care for people with complex challenges is to consider their full spectrum of needs – medical, behavioral, socioeconomic, and beyond. A dedicated care coordinator works with each participant to access the specific services they need, which can include:

  • Support groups and substance use counseling
  • Housing support
  • Transportation
  • Food stamps and services like CalFresh
  • Legal services referrals

WPC services are a free benefit under Medi-Cal. Patients must have active Medi-Cal or be eligible for Medi-Cal to enroll in Whole Person Care. There are a few Medi-Cal programs that are excluded from WPC eligibility. Patients with restricted Medi-Cal are excluded from WPC.​​