Connecting Your Health Records


With Care Everywhere™ we can share your health information with other healthcare organizations. If you get care at another medical facility which has the same electronic medical record, our providers can review your information and include it in your medical record. This information may include allergies, medicines, health problems, and vaccines. Sharing up-to date information helps us make the best decisions for your care. 

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Lucy is a portable copy of your current health record combining the data from other organizations. You can download or put your Lucy record on a USB drive and take it with you to share with your other healthcare providers. Find your Lucy record in Document Center with your Visit Records.

You can use myHealth Online to look at and combine your health information from other places where you and your family have records. myHealth Online can be a combined view of your healthcare records across organizations, without having to log in to your other MyChart accounts.

MyChartCentral can help you collect and permanently store your health information from all the places where you are seen for care that use MyChart. From your myHealth Online account you can link other MyChart accounts you have with other organizations.  

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Share My Record (Share Everywhere) lets you share your medical information with the people who are taking care of you, anywhere, anytime. Using myHealth Online or MyChart app, you can create a share code. You can give your provider the code and they can access your information at They will get one-time access to your health information.

You are also able to give permission to an outside app to share information from your myHealth Online account. These might include blood pressure trackers, sleep trackers, etc. but it is up to you to decide which ones.