Social Services

Social workers are here to help you by providing crisis counseling and emotional support, as well as information and referral to community agencies.

Social workers can help with:

  • Arranging for help at home after you are discharged from the hospital
  • Information about financial benefits, community programs & agencies
  • Housing options
  • Available substance abuse treatment programs
  • Abuse or neglect issues, including violence at home, and offer resources as needed
  • Counseling about your illness or disability
  • Mental health concerns
  • Adoption information and child care options
  • Information about funerals and planning
  • Information about Advance Directives for Healthcare/Financial Affairs
  • Employment and training information
  • End of life counseling and support

If you or a family member would like to speak with a social worker while you are in the hospital, or even after you are discharged, please call the Social Services Department at 408-885-5504. You can also let your nurse or doctor know you would like to speak to a social worker. They can help you contact our Social Services Department for follow-up with you.​​​​